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Choose from the LARGEST selection of fresh Pacific (Rock) and Native (Flat or European) Oysters in the UK...

Buy Fresh Oysters!
Buy fresh oysters online from different oyster farms and fisheries in the UK with our simplyshuck Oyster Map.  All oysters are responsibly and sustainably harvested from their pristine coastal waters, packed to order, and couriered direct from your chosen oyster farm for next day delivery to your nominated address within mainland UK.

Discover fresh quality oysters with unique flavours influenced by their local coastal waters, delivered from the shore to your door!

Fresh Pacific & Native Oysters
Choose and buy fresh Pacific (Rock) and Native (Flat or European) Oysters from Deben Pacific Oysters, Isle of Skye Pacific Oysters, Jersey Pacific Oysters, Maldon Blackwater Wild Pacific Oysters, Maldon Kumamoto Pacifc Oysters, Maldon Pacific Oysters, Menai Pacific Oysters, Porthilly Pacific Oysters, West Mersea Pacific Oysters, Loch Ryan Native Oysters, and Maldon Native Oysters.

Pacific Oysters are available for sale all year.  Native Oysters are only available for sale from September to March/April each be quick!

Order fresh Pacific and/or Native Oysters with our simplyshuck Oyster Map.

Ready, steady, shuck...
We've tried and tested lots of different oyster knives and gloves on almost all varieties, shapes and sizes of oysters.  For us, the easiest and safest way to open (shuck) oysters is with a Wusthof Oyster Knife and the Honeywell Chainex Chainmail Glove.  Once shucked, prepare and serve au naturel or cooked osyters on simplyshuck Oyster Trays.  Perfect!

Top Oyster Bars in the UK!
Be sure to visit the best oyster bars in London. You can choose from a variety of fresh oysters, shellfish, seafood, and other dishes.  Soak up the atmosphere.  Expertly shucked fresh oysters, paired with wines or craft beer.  Bliss!

Click on the photos below to find out more...

Wusthof Oyster Knife Model 4281 Wusthof Oyster Knife Model 4282 Honeywell Chainex Chainmail Glove 
simplyshuck Oyster Trays 3 6 12 Henshelwoods Bloody Mary Salsa for Oysters simplyshuck Best Oyster Recipes 
L to R (Top): Wusthof Oyster Knife (Model 4281); Wushof Oyster Knife (Model 4282); Honeywell Chainex Chainmail Oyster Gloves; Best Oyster Bars in London.
L to R (Bottom): simplyshuck Oyster Trays; Henshelwoods Bloody Mary Salsa for Oysters; simplyshuck Oyster Recipes; Oyster Festivals in the UK and Ireland.

The freshest, tastiest oyster is the oyster that's just been expertly shucked and served immediately. A tender, succulent and delicious bite, with a fresh taste of the sea that makes you want to reach for another...

At simplyshuck, we're passionate about oysters!

Whenever we can, we like to introduce our friends to oysters.  We show our friends how to safely shuck oysters, then, they can't wait to shuck oysters themselves!  Freshly shucked au naturel or cooked oysters in their half shells, served on simplyshuck oyster trays.  Always a hit!

  • Choose and buy fresh quality oysters with our simplyshuck Oyster Map.
  • Shuck oysters safely with our specialist oyster knives by Wusthof, and oyster gloves by Honeywell Chainex.
  • Prepare and serve freshly shucked cold or cooked oysters in their half shells, wobble-free on our oyster trays by simplyshuck. 
  • Try our best oyster recipes.  Classics recipes include Oysters with Soy Mignonette, Oysters Rockefeller, and Oysters Kilpatrick.
  • Pop in to one (or two, or three...) of the top oyster bars in the UK.  Expertly shucked oysters, paired with wines and craft beers.
  • Visit oyster festivals and events for local foods, live music, and more.
  • Discover more about the wonderful world of oysters...

Carol & Jeremy
Founders and Owners

simplyshuck is a family owned and operated business in Britain.

All simplyshuck Oyster Trays and Oyster Holder are Registered Designs.